Health benefits of celery juice

Many celebrities who drink celery juice report that irritable bowel syndrome has disappeared with the advent of this healthy habit. Fresh reduces cravings for sweet and heavy foods, strengthens the immune system, fights gas and bloating.
Deep cleansing of the body. Due to the fact that the chlorophyll in the juice enriches the blood with oxygen, toxic substances, including heavy metals and chemicals, are removed from the body. A serving of celery juice before meals has been proven to help cleanse the liver and taste buds.
Clean skin. It has been noticed: malfunctions in the work of the intestines can provoke acne, allergic skin rashes, pigmentation and other problems. A balanced diet paired with celery juice does wonders not only for digestion, but also for the skin as a result. Regular use of this drink can return the face to even color and natural radiance.
Improving memory and concentration. Celery has a beneficial effect on brain activity. The substances contained in it activate the function of neurons, improve quality and improve memory. The vegetable also contains beta-carotene - the most valuable substance for the normal functioning of the organs of vision.
Also, celery juice contains mineral salts that accumulate hydrochloric acid and make it a powerful tonic. They help reduce hyperacidity and stabilize the pH of the blood. That's why many of our clients say they said goodbye to irritable bowel syndrome after a course of celery juice.

Healthy and Nutritious Celery Juice Recipe

Ingredients: 1 large bunch of stalked celery.
Preparation: Rinse the celery and run the stalks through a juicer. If your home does not have a juicer, grind the stems in a blender and strain through cheesecloth.
Drink immediately after preparation to preserve all the nutrients. For those who find it difficult to get used to the taste of celery, make a variation of the drink based on celery, with the addition of cucumber, apple and rosemary sprig.