Healthy habit or why drink celery juice on an empty stomach

Almost everyone is now talking about the healing properties of freshly squeezed juice from celery stalks: nutritionists, doctors, healthy lifestyle bloggers and even Hollywood stars. For example, Kim Kardashian on her Instagram said that she had been struggling with chronic psoriasis for several years and only fresh celery helps her clear her skin and feel better. Natural elixir of energy and health. Immediately after the publication in print, the book became a world bestseller, and many world stars listened to the author's advice: Jennifer Aniston, Pharrell Williams, Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and almost all Victoria's Secret angels. The author of the Global Celery Juice Movement, a naturopath and physician, recommends drinking 500 grams of juice on an empty stomach every morning. The result, according to him, will be obvious: clear skin, improved digestion, good health and even weight loss. His advice is followed by thousands of people around the world, and the hashtag #celeryjuice has more than 170,000 posts on Instagram.

So what is it, another trend of the healthy community, or is celery really that useful?

According to the recipe, you can prepare a strong tonic that renews the strength of the body, helps it to the body smoothly and stably. Celery, cucumber and rosemary are rich in potassium, sodium and chloride, which are vital for our body. These minerals are responsible for the water balance in the cells of the human body, support muscle function and promote the transmission of nerve impulses. This drink is rich in mineral salts, which also help the body not to overheat in hot weather.
It is not necessary to force yourself to drink 500 ml of juice from the first use. Start with a comfortable amount of drink 1 time a day, eventually move to two. After a week, you will notice that you can easily drink celery juice for weight loss without additives, and you will feel much better. Take care of your body, add more healthy habits to your routine and be healthy.